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Dedicated discord server for KFF members


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@SMK , as with private messages being off limits for now due to being redirected, have you given a thought for a dedicated discord server?

I'm already a member for a Tokusatsu server and a few others, namely Jrpg games.

Some people have custom projects but can't reach out to members via private messages due to the current problem. 

What are other members views on this? 

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I second this notion. Definitely agree that we need an alternative since the PM system in particular has been compromised.

Especially considering we have a custom subbed underrated CAT III title that we would like to share with the members here.  Here's a clue: you won't ever look at the character Jo Jo the same way again. Apropos since a boutique label is releasing her debut film very soon.

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At this time I'd rather not deter members away from here to another place. We are currently working on the issue and hope to get it fixed here very soon. Weird how only some member are having issues with the messaging system, while myself and others are not.

I'll keep you guys updated.

I've always wanted to offer advertising here on the forum, banner placement, ad placement in particular parts of the forum, etc., for anyone wanting to advertise a project that is not in direct competition with 36 Styles apparel that is. 

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